One of my favourite things about being a Vancouver Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer is how spoiled for choice we are when it comes to choosing locations for engagement sessions like this one, and I think we can all agree that Golden Ears Provincial Park served as the perfect backdrop to capture this milestone in Éilis & Johns journey together.

I tagged along on their afternoon adventure to Golden Ears during their trip to Vancouver BC this past spring and getting to document all of their excitement and emotions as they celebrated their newly-engaged bliss (no less than 24 hours after their sunset engagement on Kitsilano Beach I might add) was such a joy.

We made our way through the forest; climbing, laughing, attempting to hop over streams and then laughing even harder when one of us inevitably slipped and ended up in one of said mini-streams (yes it was me). All while Éilis & John filled me in on all of the details of their 8+ year love story - including but not limited to shared milestones such as: finishing school, then college, first adult jobs followed by building their first home together. Getting this peek into their history together to-date made me feel even more lucky to have been able to capture the beginning of this next exciting chapter in their story.

The stolen glances and giggles in each other's ears, followed immediately by the kind of tom-foolery and teasing that can only come from almost a decade of best-friendship, are what made documenting Éilis & Johns engagement such a memorable and meaningful experience. They are two of the most loving people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing & photographing.

The bond that they share is so intimate; like a secret joke that only they share and understand, yet simultaneously infectious; so much so that when you're near them you can’t help but smile and gush over the way that they look at each other, or the way that they talk about each other when the other's not around. A bond like theirs only gets stronger and goes deeper with more time spent together, and it was just an absolute dream to document.

Until then!