you want timeless & candid couple photos taken on the shore of a glacial lake surrounded by mountains in Vancouver on film + digital? Say no more..

Charlotte & Guy absolutely knocked it out of the park with their location choice for their couple photo session in Whistler, BC. Being a fellow photographer, Guy had no shortage of incredibly scenic location suggestions in Whistler. So that, combined with the fact that Charlotte is also a fellow European ex-pat meant that they have both explored this incredibly scenic area quite thoroughly. It's no exaggeration to say that when I arrived at the delta on Green Lake, I literally gasped.

We had the most fun during this session wandering around the delta, chatting all things photography and comparing notes on moving across the world to beautiful BC. Charlotte & Guy were pleasantly surprised at how much fun they had having me third wheel their date on this overcast Saturday evening, and it was such a dreamy experience for me as a photographer to document their unapologetic and downright giddy love for each other. I'm constantly grateful to my couples who trust me to capture the authenticity of their connection through my work, and Charlotte & Guy made doing so an absolute delight.